• Empowering Minority Youths Now to become Technology Leaders of Tomorrow

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  • Bridging the gap in Computer Coding and STEM education among minorities

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  • When we are connected with a clear vision, we can do amazing things

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Who we Are

Fountain of code is a non-profit that is focused on discovering and developing African, minority and black youths into a global power house technology pool. Our focus is continuous: from early education grooming to continuous nurturing into world class developers, engineers and technologists until they prepare excellent career opportunities after formal education. We are both a community and platform that uses continuous training, active engagement , mentorship influence and peer exemplary success reinforcements harnessed globally to nature top talent that will be prepared as technology leaders in the global economy by 2030.

Our laser focus goal is to ensure that by the year 2030 , when some noted African countries start emerging as leaders in global economy, African, minority and black technology talent is proportionally represented in the global innovation economy as developers, engineers, investors, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs ready to drive emerging economies.

We are enabling the transformation of the African, minority and black youths of today

Our Approach - Eight Main Pillars for Success

1Early Youth Education In Coding

  • Early exposure to technology
  • Catch them young
  • Primary education engineering coding book
  • Support, nurture and mentor
  • Successful career influences
  • Continue the feedback loop
(971) 231-6758
2 Mentorship through Community & Platform
(408) 906-9244
3 Continuous Learning through regular Club Lessons & Talks
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4 Immersion Programs in various Hi Tech Companies
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5 Meet Ups and Hackathons to innovate and create products
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6 Partnerships and Company commitments for support and scale
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7 Entrepreneurship from ideation to launch with management


We did not invent tech hubs, but Fountain of Code has a strategic objective to help foster innovation centers across the entire African continent. Tech Hubs provide incredible spaces for tech entrepreneurs to meet, work, learn and collaborate. They also can run great events, advice sessions, entrepreneur check-ins that budding professionals and entrepreneurs can take advantage of. We are going to be focusing on helping to provide physical and virtual spaces that enable the technology community and startups to work smarter, develop faster and increase their chance of success.

Tech Hub Member s are typically working on product ideation, development and productization . It’s a great way for entrepreneurs and their teams drop in or set up shop, advice flows freely , investors appear, relationships blossom, and the likes of Dangote or Zuckerberg may drop in. Tech Hub offers flexible workspace, access to an energetic community, the resources of a global company, the energy and shared knowledge of a tech conference and the buzz of a social networking event rolled into one!

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