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ResonanceDesign creates and helps create integrated and connected products and services. ResonanceDesign works with startup and companies. Consulting, special projects lead, startup-mentoring or workshop management.
Strategic, with a creative edge.

We live in the age of the connector, the age of a multi- and cross-disciplined reality. A connected and open collaboration and networking approach is needed for today's startups and companies to reach their potential.

ResonanceDesign brings expertise from multiple industries and every aspect of the business and product process.



Applied Consulting
What's your position? What are the most feasible products or features? ResonanceDesign can help identify the next steps and prototype them tomorrow for evaluation or help focus your startup idea.
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Product and Service Design

Need help with Service or digital Product Design? Rapid prototyping to help sell a great idea in at the C-Level? Need help with what impresses investors most?
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Integration and Marketing
Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Smart Cities are all new words for old automation paradigms. ResonanceDesign can help find the right angle for your idea or product and help spread the news, using social media and crowdsourcing tools.
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Creating synergy between design and business.

Driven by consumer reality.



Latest articles

LoRa Phone & The Deconstruction Paradigm

My initial post on the book concept plus a conceptual prototype.

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The Things Network is more than just a Kickstarter success.

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There is a new type of skillset and thinking needed for our age beyond service and digital.

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Missing Reality

Product and Service projects and their processes need to integrate more with reality and each other to create success.

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In the Age of the Connector.

Silos are your biggest business risk.


ResonanceDesign is an applied strategy and creative consultancy based in London, UK.

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